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      American Society on Aging (ASA) Roundtable – Investments in Innovations for Aging Services

      Understand the ecosystem of partnerships between for-profit and non-profit that promote our ability to have healthy aging. View the recording of ASA Chicagoland Roundtable Investments in Innovations for Aging Services, from Friday, February 3, 2023

      There is more interest than ever from venture capital in aging products and services. As one managing partner of a venture capital firm described it:

      “Now is the best time to be an entrepreneur in the Aging space… The vast majority of Older Adults strongly prefer to age in place, living independently and healthfully. As a result, we invested in companies that make aging in place safe, affordable and comfortable for Older Adults and their families.”

      The February 3, 2023 ASA Chicagoland Roundtable explored these developments and shared examples of investments in innovations that seek to improve older adults’ health and well-being, and create more effective and efficient care. To do this, you will hear from multiple viewpoints: a venture capital investor, a start-up, and a non-profit organization. Ray Jang from Primetime Partners provides insights into how his group approaches investment decisions and how older adults fit in. Carrie Shaw from Embodied Labs shares its growth story and their experience working with venture capital investments. Bill Lowe from Chicago Methodist Senior Services discusses their role in investing in and helping develop aging innovations to help meet the needs of those you serve.


      • Ray Jang, MBA, Senior Associate at Primetime Partners
      • Carrie Shaw, MS, CEO & Founder of Embodied Labs
      • Bill Lowe, MBA, President & CEO of Chicago Methodist Senior Services
      • Moderator: Tamara Jurgenson, MBA, Board Member & Advisor

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