Senior Services

      Improve quality of care, increase staff retention, and provide engaging recruitment and outreach opportunities.


      Engaging, Powerful & Memorable

      Caregivers, home health aides, and other staff gain perspective on what it’s like to have a disease or impairment through first-person virtual experience. These immersive experiences help staff retain knowledge and improve learning outcomes.

      Engage & Evaluate Potential Recruits

      Use Embodied Labs immersive experiences as a tool to assess the skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence of potential employees.

      Improve the Quality of Care

      As your team gains insight from viewing the world through the perspectives of older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, or other conditions, they change the way they view — and provide care for — your clients, residents, and patients.

      Increase Staff Retention & Prevent Burnout

      Investing in innovative in-service training for your direct-care staff sends the message that you care. With a projected shortfall of over 1 million direct-care workers by 2020, you must do everything you can to train — and retain — your existing team.

      Offer Support to Family Caregivers

      Help family members and loved ones develop closer, more supportive relationships. The clearer vision with which they are able to see and know what others are going through leads to more thoughtful, compassionate care.

      Senior Living Community Case Study

      Clinical & Non-Clinical Staff Training

      Front Porch communities is known as one of the most forward-thinking senior living communities in the state of California and nationally. They are committed to being industry leaders in exploring the use cases of cutting edge technology, and are continuously implementing the best aging care tech products available into both their staff training and resident amenities.

      They have conducted hundreds of training sessions with their direct care, administrative, dining services, and custodial staff members, and have since expanded Embodied Labs training to three other Front Porch communities. Staff members who participate in Embodied Labs training follow trends of all senior living communities who use the software, reporting higher confidence in ability to provide care, better ability to understand the perspective of elders, better cultural intelligence, and greater understanding of disease symptoms — such as a more holistic understanding of dementia beyond memory loss.

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