Co-Creation of Immersive Experiences

      Positively Impacting Aging & Caregiving at Scale


      Designed by Healthcare & Immersive Experiences Leaders

      Embodied Labs is globally-recognized for its immersive design experience with a renowned team that has deep expertise in healthcare, medical visualization, learning frameworks, and human-centered design, specifically for topics related to healthy aging, caregiving, and the aging services industry. 

      We selectively partner with entities who wish to fund the co-creation of impactful and quality first-person experiences in caregiving and aging. 


      Tap into a Network of Global Subject-Matter Experts

      Leverage expertise and advice from subject matter experts in the Embodied Labs’ extensive network, who provide insight, data, and direct interviews with the person/subject- matter being conveyed to create an accurate portrayal of conditions and human health experience. This ensures scientific & cultural/social accuracy across all steps of the learning design, script, and storyboard creation process.


      Vetted Transformational Frameworks

      Embodied Labs has vetted creation and deployment frameworks and a track record for providing the best end-to-end user experience for immersive learning. Use the Embodied Labs best practices for creating an authentic story that integrates cultural competencies and parallels presenting life conditions beyond the primary subject matter including designing a script that will be translatable to additional cultural/social contexts and languages.


      Turn-Key Solution

      Embodied Labs drives the co-creation process - starting with understanding your impact goals, defining the learning objectives and metrics of impact, ultimately resulting in a scientifically accurate, impact-driven, shared, quality immersive experience – providing implementation support, measurement of impact, for year over year sustainability and growth at scale.


      Accessible via Embodied Labs Immersive Experiences Platform

      Co-created immersive experiences are accessed via the Embodied Labs Fully-Immersive (via a VR headset or Web-Immersive  (via a web browser).

      What Customers are Saying
      When you read from a textbook, you build a picture in your head...but it's not the same as VR. This program does a good job of putting you in the person's shoes.
      Nursing Student , California State University Channel Islands

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