Elder Safety & Well-Being

      Provide the adaptative skills needed to successfully manage difficult situations.


      Caregiver Burnout

      Recognize signs of burnout, understand the associated risks to caregiver and care recipient, and identify available resources for support. Experience boredom and helplessness as you embody Hazel, a 75 year old woman living with severe chronic pain and early stage dementia.

      Intervention and De-escalation

      Embody Abby, a lead nurse’s aide who faces a sensitive situation involving her resident, Heloise. Observe a potentially abusive situation, determine how best to keep an elder safe, and experience a confrontation with a challenging family member.

      Trauma-Informed Care

      Embody Harold, a veteran with an extensive history of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Experience PTSD flashbacks and associated anxiety symptoms, identify common triggers and self-regulating practices


      Users Learn

      Caregiver Burnout

      • Identify dangers associated with caregiver burnout (medication errors, careplan violations/shortcuts, irritability, lack of patience, impaired decision making).
      • Recognize opportunities to engage people living with dementia in meaningful activities that enhance quality of life and reduce behavioral manifestations.
      • Identify community resources to support informal caregivers and empower those wishing to age in place.

      Intervention and De-escalation

      • Identify strategies for successfully diffusing tense situations and redirecting elders using effective communication and active listening skills
      • Gain confidence in initiating difficult conversations with family and co-workers to advocate for elder safety
      • Have a clear understanding of their role in preventing/reporting suspected/known abuse

      Trauma-Informed Care

      • Gain empathy and understanding of PTSD and identify common triggers
      • Use positive approach tactics to safely and effectively support older adults experiencing PTSD flashbacks
      • Promote self-regulation techniques such as deep breathing, guided meditation, and environmental adjustments (earplugs, music)
      What Customers are Saying
      I feel it really showed how isolated and alone some of our customers may feel. I may never know what the person on the other end of the phone is dealing with. I will have more patience and compassion for the customers that call in, and be more understanding with the frustration they may have.
      Customer Service Representative, Best Buy Health

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