Trans Health & LGBT Aging

      Experience a series of defining moments of many transgender older adults living today.


      The Eden Lab

      In the first module, the learner will embody Eden, a trans woman, and experience a series of personal encounters throughout the lifespan that are typical, defining moments of many transgender older adults living today. In the second module, learners will embody Eden as she engages with other members of the LGBT community, and also have the opportunity to jump into the perspectives of other LGBT older adults who identify as LGBT to explore the topics of homecare, healthcare, family, and housing.


      Users Learn

      • Reasons a person may identify as transgender
      • Ways that transgender people have unique challenges in their romantic & family relationships
      • Common experiences transgender older adults have had that involve decades of discrimination, stigma, negativity, and trauma
      • Verbal and visual cues can be used to help a person or environment feel safe and inclusive for LGBT older adults
      • Affirming and inclusive procedures and practices can be used to ensure there is no assumption made that an older adult is heterosexual, OR to feel safe disclosing if they are LGBT.
      • LGBT older adults often have less support from their biological families and may have “family member(s) of choice” that are involved in decisions related to health and aging.
      • They can provide compassionate, respectful care for an older adult by putting aside private/personal beliefs and/or judgments about a person’s identity.
      What Customers are Saying

      I think this is something that anyone who works with the aging population should do.

      Ann Brennan, LCSW, Chicago Methodist Senior Services

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