Immersive Experiences Library

      Our ever-growing library of experiences is developed with guidance from healthcare professionals, and tailored to provide an in-depth perspective on aging.


      Alzheimer's Disease

      Experience the profound effect Alzheimer’s has on daily life, from early to late stages.


      Customer Service

      Build problem-solving skills, a healthy team culture and identify opportunities for personalized care.

      Dementia & Parkinson's

      Experience the progressive symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease.

      Elder Safety & Well-Being

      Provide the adaptative skills needed to prevent burnout and maintain a safe environment in the workplace.

      End of Life Conversations

      Understand the importance of communication about end-of-life decisions and about what to expect in the final days.

      Home Health Assessments

      Assess client capacity and evaluate health & safety risks during home visits.
      Module1_Slide11_Frank Environment

      Social Isolation

      Experience the destructive impacts of social isolation and how to offer proper support.

      Trans Health & LGBT Aging

      Experience a series of defining moments of many transgender older adults living today.

      Vision & Hearing Loss

      Experience how deficits in hearing and vision affect communication and impact emotional wellbeing.

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