Local Government

      Give staff and community members the knowledge and experience they need to better serve older adults.


      Better Serve Senior Populations

      Train your staff on how to better serve and support the aging population by letting them experience simulations of common senior conditions. Available as individual, group or remote training.

      Enhance Educational & Outreach Events

      Share what it’s like to experience Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, and other common senior conditions in a more engaging way through Embodied Labs’ immersive experiences. These interactive experiences are the perfect complement to more traditional informational tools during your outreach or training events.

      Drive Innovation at Government Agencies

      Embodied Labs uses leading Fully Immersive VR and Web- Immersive via Browser (headset-free) technology to deliver engaging, quality educational content. Your colleagues and community members will find our innovative experiences engaging as well as educational.

      Government Agency Case Study

      Training Staff Who Work With Older Adults

      The Office on Aging, one of 52 Riverside County departments, is authorized by the Older Americans Act and the Older Californians Act. Located just South of Los Angeles, the department is charged with developing a system of care that offers safety net services for vulnerable older persons and adults with disabilities.

      The county began using Embodied Labs as a part of their on-going internal training program, and have since done hundreds of VR sessions to train staff who work with older adults in the areas of care coordination, legal services, nutrition, education, and counseling.

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