See the world
      through the eyes of the people you care for.

      What the VR labs provided our students was the chance to embody the patient experience which, in effect, humanized the patient for the students. Instead of reading about a case study of a patient with progressive Alzheimer's, they became the patient with progressive Alzheimer's.

      In the future, students working in a clinical setting will hopefully have more empathy, compassion, and understanding for their clients because they may see that patient as a complex person instead of a clinical diagnosis alone.

      Jenna Sadue , Head of Teaching & Learning Technologies, Nazareth College
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      Immersive learning benefits
      higher retention
      rate of learning
      greater confidence
      to perform job
      faster learning
      than traditional methods

      Create a better life experience for those who are aging and the people who care for them.

      Uncover the hidden perspectives on health conditions and common life realities related to aging, such as Alzheimer’s & other types of dementia, social isolation, vision and hearing impairments, end-of-life conversations, and inclusive care.

      Deliver Improved Outcomes & Experience

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        Enhance quality of care

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        Prevent caregiver burnout

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        Increase staff engagement & satisfaction

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        Reduce errors & incidents

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        Onboard & train staff effectively

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        Increase community outreach

      Transform the way you care

      When you step into the shoes of the people you assist or care for, you become aware of their emotions, cognitive or sensory deficiencies - an experience that no textbooks, readings that describe symptoms, or hours of simulations can equal.

      Embodied Labs adds a unique dimension to the prism of perspective that is transformational for teams across organizations and industries.

      Our first-person immersive experiences nurture actionable empathy, which results in a culture of care.


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