Customer Service

      Nurture a culture of care within your organization.


      Becoming a Team

      Embody Hector, an inexperienced caregiver, during his orientation process in a long-term care community. Experience supportive and unsupportive co-worker interactions and identify ways to build trust and respect with your teammates.

      Personalized Care

      Embody Melanie, a nurse’s aide supporting Magda. Magda is an elder with mid-stage dementia who is in constant motion. Melanie’s priority is keeping Magda safe and happy. Experience communication challenges and identify successful approach techniques for meeting Magda’s unique needs.

      Problem Solving

      Embody Gloria, a 75-year-old woman living in a senior community. Gloria has mobility issues and is confined to a wheelchair. It takes two staff members to transfer her. Experience vulnerability and anxiety as you rely on others for basic human needs and identify ways to preserve dignity through collaborative problem-solving.


      Users Learn

      Becoming a Team

      • Understand the importance of treating co-workers as “customers” (the golden rule, assume positive intent).
      • Recognize the benefits of building a team where members play to their strengths.
      • Understand the importance of cultural competency in the workplace and facilitate a safe and judgement-free environment.

      Personalized Care

      • Identify creative care approaches and improve elder success outcomes by personalizing the plan of care.
      • Recognize barriers to traditional communication and identify alternative methods to successfully convey messages.
      • Prioritize elder preferences to increase compliance and improve elder success outcomes.

      Problem Solving

      • Recognize the importance of timely responsiveness and how to provide exceptional customer service even when staffing is challenged.
      • Acquire customer service skills such as positive body language, active listening and methods of diffusing tense situations.
      • Identify proactive approaches to preserve dignity and promote independence for older adults.
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