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      Innovative educational content that increases student engagement and improves learning outcomes.


      Immersive Experiences Lock in Learning

      With Embodied Labs, students learn what it’s like to have a disease or impairment through first-person virtual experience. This immersive educational experience improves learning outcomes and helps students retain knowledge.

      Build a Reputation for Innovation

      Offer your faculty and students the opportunity to work with leading technology and award-winning immersive content through Embodied Labs. Our content enhances your curriculum by providing unique, immersive experiences for students through individual, group or distance learning.

      Help Students Build Empathy and Understanding

      Most students have never experienced conditions like macular degeneration or Alzheimer’s, but with Embodied Labs, they can get first-hand experience that simulates these common senior conditions. Through that experience, students learn empathy for seniors, as well as building knowledge about their conditions.
      Academic Program Case Study

      Engaging Students With Experiential Learning

      The University of New England was Embodied Labs’ first customer in 2016. They started by using Embodied Labs experiences with their osteopathic medical students on one campus, and have since expanded to using labs with medical, nursing, physician assistant, and PT/OT students across both of their campuses.

      Faculty value being able to incorporate technology into their curriculum and engage students with experiential learning. They also value the content of the experiences themselves, which utilize the power of immersive to put students into 1st-person realistic scenarios with which they would not otherwise be able to engage. Students are now used to simulations as part of their healthcare curriculum, but Embodied Labs’ immersive experiences give them a feeling of presence and reality from the point of view of the patient that is unlike anything else they have experienced. Medical, nursing, and other allied health professions commonly wish to provide more geriatrics education in their curriculum, but are often unable to due to time. Embodied Labs has a robust content library such that these experiences can be incorporated across the curriculum, fast-tracking knowledge and understanding in the most relevant issues pertaining to older adults.

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