Lewy Body Dementia & Parkinson's Disease

      Experience the progressive symptoms of these conditions.


      The Dima Lab

      The learner will embody Dima, a Lebanese-American immigrant living with symptoms of both Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease as she transitions from life at home to a residential community. Through her experience, the learner will be able to identify the differing symptoms of these two conditions and how to manage care as symptoms evolve.


      Users Learn

      • Recognize the symptoms of LBD and PD.
      • Identify effective ways to manage anxiety, agitation, or hallucinations that often present with these conditions.
      • Recognize when caretaker burnout, financial burden, or safety may necessitate help from professional care agencies and/or residential communities.
      • Identify ways residential communities can tailor care for older adults with unique needs due to their culture as well as disease presentation.
      What Customers are Saying
      The pause points made it alive to dig deeper. I could ask different reflection questions depending on where the discussion was going.
      Dr. Jaime Hannans , Faculty Member, California State University Channel Islands

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