Home Health Assessments

      Co-created with the Central California Training Academy, this newest Immersive Experience allows learners to hone their observation, communication, and assessment skills needed to evaluate health and safety risks to support aging in place, and identify strategies for establishing rapport and building trust.

      Client Capacity

      Assessing Client Capacity

      Embody Natalie Ramos, a new social worker going out on her very first solo home visit to Rosie. Learners must draw on their foundational knowledge of the Five Domains of Well-Being (Social Connectedness, Stability, Safety, Mastery, Meaningful Access to Relevant Resources) to identify environmental red flags, make choices to conduct an effective interview, and evaluate Rosie’s decision-making capacity.

      Users Learn

      • Recognize environmental red flags which may indicate a level of need beyond what the client reports.
      • Gain confidence in establishing rapport during a home visit.
      • Recognize areas of concern and offer solutions based on an understanding of community resources.
      Risk Assessment

      Risk Assessment

      In this branching narrative experience, learners embody Natalie Ramos, a social worker visiting the home of Rosie, a former client in response to a hotline call from a concerned neighbor regarding suspicious activity at the home. Learners must critically evaluate the situation and make decisions to prioritize safety for all parties. After completing the visit, learners must report the level of perceived risk.

      Users Learn

      • Gain confidence in evaluating and navigating potentially unsafe situations to prioritize safety for all parties.
      • Recognize how communication and approach can escalate or diffuse a situation.
      • Gain strategies for establishing a safe space and building trust.
      What Customers are Saying
      Participants were very interactive with the storyline and discussion with each other.
      Supervisor, Riverside County Office on Aging

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