Vision & Hearing Loss

      Experience how deficits in hearing & vision affect communication, and impact emotional wellbeing.


      The Alfred Lab

      The learner will embody Alfred, a 74-year-old African American man with macular degeneration and high-frequency hearing loss as he spends time with family, visits the doctor, and receives a diagnosis. As Alfred goes about his daily life, the learner will understand how deficits in hearing and vision affect communication and impact emotional wellbeing.


      Users Learn

      • Understand how hearing and vision loss can mimic cognitive impairment.
      • Identify effective modes of communication between the patient, family, healthcare personnel and systems that contribute to patient quality of life.
      • Pinpoint ways people with macular degeneration can use technology and assistive devices to improve quality of life.
      • Describe what happens inside the eyeball as macular degeneration progresses.
      What Customers are Saying
      That 15 minutes of The Alfred Lab has been more moving, giving them more lived knowledge about what people go through...than anything I could teach them in the classroom.
      Dr. Marilyn Gugliucci, Professor, UNE's Osteopathic School of Medicine

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