Highest-Impact Dementia Care Training

Improve caregiving outcomes & prevent caregiver burnout.

immersive caregiver training platform

Transform the Way You Care

See the world through the eyes of the people you care for. 

Embodied Labs is a leader in VR immersive training committed to advancing the standards of care across the aging continuum for professional and informal caregivers. 

Embodied Labs' immersive learning experiences enable direct care workers, family and friends caregivers to step into the shoes of the people they care for and uncover the hidden perspectives on health conditions and common life realities related to aging - a powerful and memorable learning experience.

Immersive Learning Benefits

higher retention
rate of learning


greater confidence
to provide care


faster learning
than traditional methods

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About CalGrows

CalGrows-Funded Training Opportunity

Train your entire staff & caregiver community for free

The CalGrows Program is a unique opportunity designed to empower caregivers with the latest skills and knowledge essential for delivering exceptional care. 

CalGrows is a California Department of Aging (CDA) program designed to support caregivers of older adults and people with disabilities by improving their skills through in-person classes and online training courses, 1:1 career coaching, and up to $6,000 in rewards payments. Access at

As a CalGrows Innovation Fund Award Winner, Embodied Labs is partnering with select organizations serving California residents to provide short and impactful immersive courses covering wide range of caregiving topics, including Home Health Assessment, Successful Aging in Place, A Journey Through Alzheimer's, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, at no cost until September 2024. Certain conditions apply.

Embodied Labs immersive courses are available as a headset-enabled VR experience for in-person training, or a headset-free self-paced online experience.

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Are you committed to advancing the standards of care across the aging continuum? 

Become a Partner

Program highlights:

  • Cohort-Based: Applications for our second cohort end on April 30, 2024.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Access to state-of-the-art immersive training developed by experts in the field.

  • Flexibility: Courses are designed to accommodate busy schedules, allowing participants to complete training at their own pace.

  • No-Cost Access: Enroll your staff and caregiver community at no cost until September 2024.

Join our CalGrows Partner Network to: 

  • Access to Embodied Labs' state-of-the-art immersive caregiver training courses developed by experts in the field.
  • Opportunity to upskill staff on how to use immersive technologies - with virtual reality headsets and via web browser.

  • Enroll your project champions in our Train-The-Trainer program and get a customized project plan tailored to your organization goals.

  • Gain more visibility into the community by training caregivers you serve and reaching new ones.

  • Unique recognition opportunities that will showcase the pioneering work the Cohorts are doing at a national level.

  • Co-facilitated in-person & virtual events to support meeting your organization's caregiver training goals

  • Ongoing virtual and in-person Cohort networking, cross-sharing learnings, and support from Embodied Labs via monthly Cohort virtual meetups.

About Embodied Labs: From caregivers to caregivers

A Journey Through Alzheimer's

Our founder's story

Carrie became a caregiver at 19 when her mom was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. She used safety goggles and some tape to help others understand what her mom’s left field visual impairment looked like and improve their care for her.

Carrie's mom would always eat exactly half of her plate at meal time. After her caregivers put on the goggles, they understood why this happened and what they could do about it.

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