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      Embodied Labs is the immersive training platform for companies committed to providing excellent care and service.


      Pioneers in the use of VR for Healthcare Training

      We believe that VR experiences can enable those providing care to embody the perspectives and conditions of other people, gaining an understanding they can’t get from traditional training tools. These insights empower our users to provide more effective care.


      The Embodied Labs Story

      After her mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, Carrie Shaw struggled to explain to caregivers the exact nature of her mother’s visual impairment. Carrie modified a pair of glasses to simulate the impairment for the caregivers. Immediately, they understood what her mom was experiencing.

      Carrie understood the broader application that tools like this could have in helping bridge the gap between experience and understanding that exists between caretakers and those they serve. Carrie saw virtual reality as another powerful tool that could cultivate understanding and empathy within those who care for people facing all types of conditions. Embodied Labs was founded to build that tool, and to redefine what it means to care for others.


      Our Leadership Team and Advisors

      Our team brings together a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives. We are educators, scientists, and technologists who are passionate about empowering caregivers and improving the quality of care provided to older adults.

      Meet Our Team

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      85+ organizations committed to care excellence

      Awards & Recognition

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