A Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease

      Experience the profound effect Alzheimer’s has on daily life.


      The Beatriz Lab

      The learner will embody Beatriz, a middle-aged Latina woman as progressive Alzheimer’s Disease causes changes in her brain. From the onset of symptoms to late stage disease and the transition to residential care, the learner understands the profound effect Alzheimer’s has on daily life, from processing and cognition to relationships and emotional wellbeing.


      Users Learn

      • Identify ways that AD affects communication in the brain.
      • Recognize changes in visual and auditory processing that can disrupt activities of daily living.
      • Identify ways that a person with AD can be redirected, calmed, and engaged.
      • Find effective ways to work as a team between patient, family, and healthcare personnel to contribute to patient quality of life.
      What Customers are Saying
      Embodying Beatriz made me realize and value the importance of patience... It is difficult to replicate what customers go through on a day to day basis, and the VR program was able to simulate that. It helps by having you actually see what they go through versus just being told.
      Customer Service Representative, Best Buy Health

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