Homebased Care

      Help family members and community members understand what their aging loved ones are going through.


      A Window Into Their World

      Transformative experiences made possible by immersive technology allow family and community members to understand what aging seniors are going through in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. From macular degeneration to Parkinson’s Disease, Embodied Labs provides a vehicle for understanding challenging conditions–and those who live with them–with greater clarity and confidence.


      More Compassionate Care

      First-person, embodied modules help bridge gaps in experience allowing the learner to understand and empathize in new and powerful ways. The Embodied Labs platform provides a perspective that helps family and community members develop closer, more supportive relationships. The clearer vision with which they are able to see and know what others are going through leads to more thoughtful, compassionate care.


      Engage Family and Community in a Unique Way

      In community and family outreach, increase engagement by offering an innovative opportunity for people to gain understanding of common aging conditions. Embodied Labs offers individuals, groups, and remote users an easy way to virtually experience the physical and emotional conditions faced by seniors.


      Improve the Quality of Care given by Family and Community

      Family members provide better care for seniors when they understand what it’s like to have conditions like Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, and other common ailments. Embodied Labs experiences offer family members a chance to see the world through their loved one’s eyes, which builds empathy and understanding.


      Cultivate Meaningful Conversation

      Family and community members emerge from the headset ready to share their experience with others. This dialogue leads to new ideas, powerful insights, and better-informed care decisions. In talking about what it’s like to live with these challenges, family and community members can come together to develop more effective solutions to help support aging seniors.

      Outpatient Mental Health Provider Case Study

      Confidently Providing Quality Care & Support

      The Wake Forest Memory Counseling Program (MCP) in Winston-Salem, NC, uses VR training to engage more effectively with their clients and support groups. Serving both people living with dementia and their care partners, the MCP serves hundreds of families in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. The four licensed, professional counselors who are part of the MCP have used Embodied Labs experiences, particularly The Beatriz Lab: Alzheimer’s Disease and The Dima Lab: Lewy Body Dementia & Parkinsonian symptoms, to conduct workshops open to their own clients and the wider community.

      They use Embodied Labs in both 1:1 and group modes to give people a new perspective on caregiving – the perspective that their loved one sees every day while living with dementia. Data has shown that engaging with Embodied Labs dementia-focused experiences improves communication with your loved one and their healthcare team, confidence in ability to provide quality care & support, increases understanding of dementia symptoms, helps you understand how to spend time meaningfully with your loved one.

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