End of Life Conversations

      Experience what to expect in the final days of life.


      The Clay Lab

      The learner will embody Clay, a 66-year-old veteran with stage IV, terminal lung cancer as comes to terms with the reality of his diagnosis. Clay transitions to hospice care and, as he enters the final stage of life, the learner understands the importance of clear, compassionate communication about end-of-life decisions and about what to expect in the final days.


      Users Learn

      • Learn to sensitively navigate conversations after difficult diagnoses
      • Practice communication with family and members of the healthcare team about transitioning to hospice care.
      • Identify physical changes inside the body as it nears the end of life.
      • Determine end-of-life symptom presentation, management, and control.
      What Customers are Saying
      I was skeptical at first that a virtual reality tool could be so realistic, but once I went through it, I realized what a viable method it could be, for not only teaching but also helping people understand [the] end of life better.
      Daryl Cady, CEO, Hospice of Southern Maine

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