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      Your Hitchhiker's Guide to the Metaverse

      Excerpt of the article published on NextAvenue, April 8, 2022 by Richard Eisenberg. 

      Think the metaverse is just for gamers and Gen Z? Think again.

      Every so often, a new buzzword seems to come out of nowhere and suddenly feel ubiquitous. Right now, that word is "metaverse," which means using virtual reality (VR) headsets or augmented reality (AR) eyewear or apps to make the internet more interactive and 3D.

      [...] But if you've been trying to ignore the metaverse, thinking it's just for techies, kids and video game fanatics, it's time to — as Steve Jobs liked to say — think different.

      "The metaverse is something that has all the indications of a mass trend," says Janet Balis, a market practice leader at EY Americas, part of the professional services firm EY Americas.

      A Paradigm Shift

      It's a paradigm shift, she adds, because the metaverse "introduces a new dimension to how we think, create and connect."


      The metaverse is also helping older adults reduce their social isolation, have more fun and even get healthier. The pandemic may well make those benefits increasingly appealing for you and your parents.