The Embodied Labs Application

VR soft-skills training for healthcare providers and trainees

Learning Objectives

Embodied Labs is a subscription-based virtual reality platform that offers a growing library of modules for soft-skills healthcare training.
  • Gain a holistic understanding of the patient experience
  • Understand disease presentation through a first-person patient perspective
  • Improve patient-provider communication skills
  • Increase interest in pursuing healthcare professions for serving vulnerable patient populations


As a highly valuable educational tool, we offer the following benefits with your subscription:

Available Content

Embodied Patient Experiences

Virtual, interactive case studies designed to show pathologies from the first-person patient perspective

THE ALFRED LAB | Aging with macular degeneration and hearing loss

Alfred is a 74 year old African-American patient with advanced macular degenration and high frequency hearing loss. In The Alfred Lab, you will experience different situations in Alfred's life with:

  • Live-action 7 minute 360° film
  • Computer-generated interactive objects
  • 3D binaural sound

Upcoming Patient Experiences

THE BETTY LAB | Alzheimer's Disease

Arriving August 2017


Documentary Series


Arriving May 2017


Arriving June 2017



Even More labs coming soon!

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